The Environmental Week comes back to Mapiripán

The sixth edition of the Environmental Week will focus on climate change and it will be celebrated from October 27th to 30th: see the program.

The Environmental Week, one of the the most awaited event in Mapiripán, is drawing near. During four days, from Tuesday to Sunday, people will take part to several activities focused on climate change and ecosystem conservation, aimed at raising awareness about the responsibility of any individual to tackle environmental issues.

The Environmental Week is organized by the Poligrow Foundation and the environmental department of Poligrow Colombia, in collaboration with many local and regional institutions, such as Jorge Eliecer Gaitán School, the mayor’s office, the municipal police and CORMACARENA.

Last edition was centered on biodiversity, as Mapiripán’s area shows high species diversity of both flora and fauna, which represents the mayor source of wealth for the community and therefore must be protected. Among the activities carried on it is worth remembering the “traditional” parade of environmental floats made with recycled material, the scavenger hunt and the drawing contest.

This year’s edition will be celebrated from October 27th to 30th. Find more about it on the program.