Future Projects

We work every day to design and set up new projects that add to the social, economic and environmental development of Mapiripán. The contributions of our donors are an invaluable help to launch these projects and turn them into reality to the benefit of the citizens of the Municipality.

Light and energy for the corregimiento of Puerto Alvira in the municipality of Mapiripán

With this project the Poligrow Foundation will provide logistical and financial support for the drafting of the study for the rehabilitation of the power system in the corregimiento of Puerto Alvira.

The project will benefit 140 families which will finally have access to cheap and reliable electricity for the first time in their life.

The project will be structured to benefit from the Financial Support Fund for the Energization of Off-grid Areas – FAZNI.

The company Electrimapiri will provide the service through the diesel plant the project is expected to build. In addition, it will take charge of the maintenance of the equipment and facilities.

  • By providing a reliable service, the economic development of both the village of Puerto Alvira and the municipality will be fostered, while contributing to the achievement of the goals of the Ministry of Energy and Mines. In addition, agricultural activities will be improved and are expected to attract a stable workforce in the region.
  • In the same way, thanks to the arrival of more working age population, small business activities linked to food processing and preservation, sale of equipment and materials, transport services, health services, educational services and entertainment may also develop.

Virtual Education Center, Mapiripán – Meta “CEVIM”

  • Educational inclusion and appropriate use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the most vulnerable communities in Colombia
  • Building of a Virtual Education and Training Center for the Municipality of Mapiripán, aimed at providing an area for learning and integration both for young people and adults, that increases the opportunity for accessing existing educational programs

Specific Goals

  • Enhancing ICT competencies of Mapiripán’s young and adult people through different digital education processes
  • Developing training processes involving ICT within the region, building on the principles “learning to understand” and “learning as a social and self-regulating process”
  • Improving access to education, contributing to comply with the Millennium Development Goals, the Conference on Education for All and the lead-up to the 2021 Educational Goals