Institutional and Welfare Planning

We contribute to institution building, dialogue, community engagement and development planning in favour of local people’s wealth and progress.

Projects y activities

Institution building for the dialogue between the local community and third entities:

  • Multi-stakeholder consultations
  • Protocol for Consultation with Jiw people
  • A Poligrow Experience
  • “Expo Mapiripaz”, annual event held in Villavicencio to promote Mapiripán and its community at the regional level, involving entities, companies, unions and organizations of the Meta department . The expo includes a fund-raising event to attract sponsorship for special projects.

Institutional management for community engagement and support to local development:

  • Inter-institutional Table: guidance and implementation of local development projects involving the Mayoralty, public entities, community-based organizations, Poligrow Colombia y the Poligrow Foundation
  • Management of projects of local interest: Portfolio of Post-conflict Projects, programs and projects included in the Development Plan at the Municipality, Department and National level
  • Assistance in the access to the development policy measures set by the Conpes 3797 Orinoquia-Altillanura
  • Management for National and International Cooperation: technical and financial cooperation for local projects, educational and human resource development cooperation for Mapiripán
  • Regional, National and international promotion of Mapiripán’s image, people, entities and companies through the “Mapiripán is Peace and Progress Window”, that includes videos, publications, a website and participation at events
  • Management, assistance and participation to projects and studies fostering the development of the Municipality: national and international universities and entities, private and public institutions and ONGs
  • Management for the implementation of “Maestro Plan”: institutional coordination to boost the development of Mapiripán