The Poligrow Foundation

We were born in 2010 as a result of the Poligrow Group’s commitment to the social and economic development of Mapiripán, a municipality located in the south of Meta department – Colombia.

Due to its location and the absence of access roads, the municipality has been historically isolated from the rest of the department, region and country.

For decades, Mapiripán’s people have faced complex issues linked to armed conflict and illicit crops, which have become social, environmental, economic and political challenges.

In view of this reality, we are confident of both the potential for people and communities to dream and build a future of progress, and the need for increased opportunities to reach it.


We are committed to promoting regional development and to improving the quality of life in vulnerable and marginalized communities.

We achieve these goals by implementing both individual and collective development projects and promoting social management, educational, cultural, environmental and income-generation programs that help rebuild the social fabric of Mapiripán.

Values and principles guiding our action


we place people at the center of our social action, since they are the creators of a future of opportunities.


we believe in reconciliation as a way to transcend a past of violence, a crucial stage for people to achieve their integral development.


we are committed to showing who we are and what we do, by communicating clearly the operation of our organization.


we promote a culture of solidarity to provide support for low-income and marginalized communities.

The path traveled: outcomes and learning achievements

Since 2010 the following milestones have been reached:


young and adult students completed their education at different levels, from primary school to technical studies


people begun technical studies in many distinct areas


students were awarded a scholarship for technology education in 2012


scholarship was awarded in 2015 to the best student of Mapiripán to attend the Earth University of Costa Rica


family businesses have been strengthened and extended


families are producing their own food


small producers take part to the farmers’ market

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