Sports for Peace

An event to encourage integration and social harmony in Mapiripán

Sports for Peace is a high-impact social project for the community of Mapiripán that contributes much to social harmony. It is not a sport event strictly-speaking, but an initiative that fosters solidarity, tolerance and the restoration of collective self-esteem.

It is an opportunity for relaxation and social concord for women, men, young and aged people, that gather together in a happy meeting dedicated to hope and collective optimism.

Sports for Peace promotes the integration of the community with local institutions. Therefore, citizens gain confidence in public institutions and private sector companies.

Sports for Peace encourages interethnic and intercultural integration by involving local native people, thus strengthening multiculturalism in Mapiripán.

Sports for Peace serves also as a backdrop for cultural expression in Mapiripán, in particular as far as the local customs of Colombian Eastern Plains are concerned.

Sports for Peace receives wide media coverage since promotes the integration of the community and local institutions such as the Mayoralty, the Rural Bank, the Institute for Family Well-being, local hospitals, schools, community leaders, social and sport organizations, the Colombian Army, the National Police and Poligrow Colombia.